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Our advice will act as a catalyst for your business. Our mission is to propose technical and organisational solutions to develop your information system or your digital presence.

We help you grow

Our priority is to help businesses achieve their goals. However businesses should work with consultants to help them out with prospects for improving and achieving their business vision.

Excellent support at your disposal

In conclusion, it is in this perspective of change that we continuously accompany you to obtain new results in the achievement of your objectives. As much as necessary and at any time.

Make your business more productive

In a digital world, working with a team that lives its passion is a priority for any organisation that wants to be a leader in its field. We support you in training, consulting, auditing, programming and digital marketing.
We turn your ideas into reality.

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Our Services

Design & Graphics

Graphic Design, also known as communication design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form it takes can be physical or virtual and can include pictures, words or graphics.

Digital Marketing

Electronic marketing, also called digital marketing corresponds to all internet marketing methods and practices: online communication, optimization of electronic commerce, search engine optimization, traffic creation through all digital media.


Web development is consists, through the use of web programming websites or web applications (or mobile web) intended to be published on servers. Web developers require knowing how to handle programming languages.


An audit is a professional assessment by a competent and independent person of an entity’s financial statements, internal control, organisation, procedures or transactions against a standard. In this sense we audit by Verifying the accuracy and validity of procedures and documents.

Training & Coaching

Training is the learning process that allows somone to acquire knowledge, know how interpersonal skills are necessary for the exercise of a trade or a professional activity. It is in this sense that digital passion with these partner structures provides you with these high-distinction training courses.


In consultancy we provide advice or recommendations on what needs to be done in an organisation to improve one or more aspects depending on the different areas of development of the company or structure, be it in production, sales, purchasing and finance.

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Nill Smith

Head. Legal Advising

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Jean Pierre Diedhiou



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Robert Libasse Fall

Marketing Head

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