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Business Consultancy

The consultancy acts as a catalyst. Our mission consists in proposing technical and / or organizational solutions, to a client wishing to develop his information system or digital presency.

Help To Grow Business

help businesses achieve their goals. Businesses should work with business consultants to help them out with prospects for improving and achieving their business vision.

Great Support

In this path of change and the realization of new perspectives of change for better results in the achievement of objectives.

Make Your Business More Faster

Faced with a digital world, making the choice to work with a team that lives its passion is a priority for any structure that claims to be a leader in its field. We focus on the quality of any product or service of any type while respecting our commitments. We make your ideas come true.

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Our Services

Design & Graphics

Graphic Design, also known as communication design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form it takes can be physical or virtual and can include pictures, words or graphics.

Digital Marketing

Electronic marketing, also called digital marketing corresponds to all internet marketing methods and practices: online communication, optimization of electronic commerce, SEO, traffic creation through all digital media.

Web & mobile Development

Web development is a discipline which consists, through the use of web programming websites or web applications (or mobile web) intended to be published on servers. Web developers require knowing how to handle programming languages and use tools such as CMS or frameworks.


Describes the integration of several means of representing information, such as texts, sounds, still or moving images. It designates a medium or technology capable of recording, reproducing or transmitting a combination of texts, sounds, still images and videos.

Training & Coaching

Vocational training is the learning process that allows an individual to acquire knowledge, know how interpersonal skills are necessary for the exercise of a trade or a professional activity.
It is in this sense that digital passion with these partner structures provides you with these high-distinction training courses with the largest structures around the world.


As an incubator we will offer follow-up from specialists in the activity sector concerned by the project and put in touch with lawyers , bankers and accountants. The objective is also to find future partners and eventually consider fundraising to launch the activity, logistical means.

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Our Expert Team

Nill Smith

Head. Legal Advising

Jean Pierre DIEDHIOU

Jean Pierre DIEDHIOU

Founder & CEO

Alex Browne

Director, Finance

Robert Libasse FALL

Robert Libasse Fall

Marketing Head

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